Refund & Cancellation

Refund of Fee

We have a dynamic refund policy.

We provide refunds in cases where:

  • Underage User i.e. <18 years is applying without the knowledge of a caretaker.
  • The user is unwilling to do online doctor consultations.
  • The Doctor has not contacted the User.

User will not be entitled to any refunds in cases where:

  • User does not attend the online appointment, without canceling the appointment at least 60 mins before the appointment time.
  • Doctor has attempted to call the User 3 times and the User is not attending the online doctor consultation.
  • User has attended a Doctor consultation and then wishes to cancel their order

Service charge - A service charge of Rs 99/- is deducted while processing refunds. All refunds will be processed in the original mode of payment done by the User while requesting for a medical certificate within 8-10 working days as per the payment gateway policies.

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